Our Story

Our Story

Joyful Treats is a boutique bakery specializing in gourmet brownies, cookies, granola, tortes, celebration cakes and more! We bake everything to perfection every time to spread love and Joy.


As a kid, I would often sneak into the kitchen to dirty our hands with a little baking. I experimented with cookies, brownies and cakes, leaving the kitchen messy, but filling the entire house with the delightful aroma of baked goods. I shared our Joy by inviting friends and family over to try the treats we baked with love.

Years later, I re-ignited this passion for baking and creating Joyful memories in our kitchens. I decided to embark on this journey without a destination, but with the intent to spread happiness and Joy. With the love and support and our families, friends and you, our dear customers, I've been able to establish our name and spread Joy over the years.

Tasneem Manasawala

Founder &  Artist


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